About the MN School of Bartending

We've been training bartenders for over
54 years!

The Minnesota School of Bartending was founded by Richard Lange in 1968, and the bartending school has been successfully training, placing, and working with bartenders ever since. We are one of the largest and most well-known bartending schools in North America, and our experience training professional bartenders has earned us our great reputation.

We are one of the only bartending schools to train our students one-on-one, and our experienced instructors will ensure you learn all there is to know about the exciting world of bartending!

We are family owned

We have 30 professional bar stations

We have over 100 years of combined teaching experience


Frequently Asked Questions

There are no classes! Our bartending course is set up in a way where you can come and go whenever you want. After you sign up, you’re able to show up at any time and work through the course at your own pace.

On average, it takes students 25-35 hours to complete everything, but that range might not apply to you. Everybody learns differently and at a different pace, so the best answer is: the course is done when you’ve made it through the program and you’re feeling ready to bartend!

The Minnesota School of Bartending is located one mile east of the University of Minnesota and just a few minutes from both downtown Minneapolis and St. Paul. The University/Raymond Green Line Light-Rail stop is just a few blocks away, making the school easily accessible even if you don’t have your own transportation.

Bars all over Minnesota contact us all the time looking for bartenders. When you complete our bartending course, you’ll have access to all of our current and future listings for bartending jobs.

Nope! Everything we use is just water and food coloring. Our 30 professional bar stations are equipped with compartments for ice, bottle racks, shakers and strainers, stir spoons, mixing glasses, glassware for all drinks, ice scoops, soda guns, and complete sets of all the core liquor bottles (again, filled with colored water).

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Located on the Green Line Light-Rail

3 Minutes From Downtown Minneapolis

5 Minutes From Downtown St. Paul

1 Mile East of the University of Minnesota


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