Bartending School Curriculum


All of the training at the Minnesota School of Bartending is done one-on-one. Combined, our professional instructors have over 100 years of bartending experience, and they’re present every step of the way to ensure each student learns everything they need to know to become a bartender.

The Liquor Isn't Real, But The Experience Is!

Make Over 100 Drinks
Get behind the bar to physically make an assortment of unique cocktails.
Pour Perfectly
Learn the proper pouring form, as well as how to measure with and without a shot glass.
Liquor Categories
Brush up on your knowledge of the most popular name-brand liquors, liqueurs, beers, and wines.
Efficiency and Speed
Hone your efficiency behind the bar by making entire drink orders all in one go.
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Go At Your Own Pace

The bartending school curriculum at the Minnesota School of Bartending is designed to be flexible. Unlike other bartending schools, you can come and go whenever you want. Most students complete the program in 25-35 hours, but that’s just an average range. Everyone learns at a different pace, meaning it’s more about when you’re ready and comfortable to get out there. Feel free to stop by any time during business hours to work through the bartending course at your own pace.

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Located on the Green Line Light-Rail

3 Minutes From Downtown Minneapolis

5 Minutes From Downtown St. Paul

1 Mile East of the University of Minnesota


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